Peter Beery
Peter Beery, Ph.D.
Founder/Chief Fundraiser

  Originally conceiving of SpaceSpeak in 2005, Dr. Beery launched development of the current version of the site in late 2013. Dr. Beery has a number of patents and patent applications covering Artificial Intelligence, Software security, Health care data processing, and 3D image printing. A serial entrepreneur, he founded and/or worked with a number of startup ventures. Dr. Beery is a recognized subject matter expert in the field of alien communications. After receiving a doctorate in elementary particle physics, he taught computer science and engineering at Notre Dame University for a number of years before moving to the startup rich environment of Austin, Texas.

Nanette Beery
Nanette Beery
Development/Client Relations

  Nanette spent her childhood gazing at the stars and wondering who might be out there. After obtaining a BS in Education from Texas A&M University and a BA in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, she worked for over a decade as a software engineer in embedded systems for the aviation industry and in her spare time she learned to fly and was an active member of the Civil Air Patrol. She then taught high school advanced placement Biology and Environmental Science. At SpaceSpeak, Nanette is engaged in software development and quality assurance.