SpaceSpeak Phase II

Indiegogo Campaign

Launching in Summer 2020
We need your help to expand our service both in terms of transmitter power and features! Join us for Phase II and leave your mark on the Universe (literally!)

We'll have pictures and updates available here and on Facebook


Phase II of SpaceSpeak will include:

  • SpaceSpeak Phase II will extend the existing SpaceSpeak messaging platform by adding a large network of community owned dual use micro transmitter / Linux computer combos 
    • integrated Linux computer (Raspberry Pi 4)
    • integrated 2-5 GHz low bandwidth transmitter with a yagi antenna  (low bandwidth transmissions have much better signal to noise ratios at large distances)
    • integrated distributed computingEinstein@home  (use the CPU to analyze received signals from space)
    • integrated SpaceSpeak Active SETI (transmission of signals into space)
    • Each transmitter joins our network of potentially thousands of  micro transmitters where they combine to send messages into space, process signals from space
    • You'll also be able to interact with other SpaceSpeak community members and the SpaceSpeak team around the world
    • with VNC remote desktop support, you'll be able to customize your system remotely
    • or connect a monitor and keyboard directly
  • We'll be adding a bunch of new features to the service including but not limited to:
    • broadcast toward your choice of star or constellation from our database of over 10,000 near by systems 
    • broadcast toward a Zodiac or other constellation - Demo page
    • broadcast toward stars with planets in the goldilocks' zone - where there just might be life! 
    •  Register a name and photo with a particular star, supplies are limited. One registration per star allowed!
    • Send a 24 hour repeating broadcast of your Cat or other pet - send us up to 20 pictures and we'll stream them for you
    • We'll be adding a series of special broadcast events - Ted talks, plant and animal genomes, the best that the planet has to offer
    • Finally, we'll be adding community features that allow you to interact with other people in the spacespeak community from around the world. -virtual events, group retro gaming, etc.
  • The campaign goals include funds to cover costs for a five year mission. 

SpaceSpeak personal transmitter / linux computer photo 1

Photo 1: SpaceSpeak Personal Transmitter/Linux Computer prototype

SpaceSpeak personal transmitter / linux computer photo 2

Photo 2: SpaceSpeak Personal Transmitter/Linux Computer prototype


New Photos - May 31 2020

*The white version is slightly translucent. Check out the YouTube video below to see the visual effect this allows us to incorporate.


...And YouTube videos

2019 SpaceSpeak Welcomes our Brazilian Team!

The SpaceSpeak Brazil team believes that SpaceSpeak is not just an interesting Social Media platform that allow us to send messages into space, but also a powerful tool for science communication between scientists, teachers, students, astronomers and curious people in general. After estabilishing a transmitter in the southern hemisphere of the Earth (localized at Florian├│polis, Santa Catarina), we also translated the website to Brazilian Portuguese.

The goals of the Brazilian project team are broad, but we're going to focus mainly on science communication. In the next few months, we'd like to give lectures about the universe to primary schools and children in general, as well as allowing them use SpaceSpeak at the end of the lecture to send their own messages to space.

It's an honor for us to be part of this project and help in its future.

SpaceSpeak Brasil

Guilherme Raquel


Everton Silvio

Brazilian Team:

Fernando Paladini - Coordinator and Team Leader

Guilherme Passos - Co-coordinator

Raquel Joi - Designer

Éverton Nascimento - Electric engineer

Silvio Cesar Paladini Junior - Responsible technician

Special Thanks:

Lucas Borguezan

Brendon Faccion

Greg de Sousa

Silvio Cesar Paladini

Elaine Maria Machri Paladini

2019 Mind Field Season 3 Episode 6 - How to Talk to Aliens

SpaceSpeak appears on episode 6 season 3 of YouTube Premium's Mind Field! Our segment, which appears near the end, was filmed in early Fall 2018 at the same location as Capt Kirk's battle with the Gorn in the original Star Trek series. Here's a link to the full episode on YouTube Premium.

2019 Mind Field Season 3 Episode 6 - How to Talk to Aliens on YouTube Premium

for those who'd like to see how far his message has travelled, here's a link to Michael's message from the episode.