2019 SpaceSpeak Welcomes our Brazilian Team!

The SpaceSpeak Brazil team believes that SpaceSpeak is not just an interesting Social Media platform that allow us to send messages into space, but also a powerful tool for science communication between scientists, teachers, students, astronomers and curious people in general. After estabilishing a transmitter in the southern hemisphere of the Earth (localized at Florian├│polis, Santa Catarina), we also translated the website to Brazilian Portuguese.

The goals of the Brazilian project team are broad, but we're going to focus mainly on science communication. In the next few months, we'd like to give lectures about the universe to primary schools and children in general, as well as allowing them use SpaceSpeak at the end of the lecture to send their own messages to space.

It's an honor for us to be part of this project and help in its future.

SpaceSpeak Brasil

Guilherme Raquel


Everton Silvio

Brazilian Team:

Fernando Paladini - Coordinator and Team Leader

Guilherme Passos - Co-coordinator

Raquel Joi - Designer

Éverton Nascimento - Electric engineer

Silvio Cesar Paladini Junior - Responsible technician

Special Thanks:

Lucas Borguezan

Brendon Faccion

Greg de Sousa

Silvio Cesar Paladini

Elaine Maria Machri Paladini

2019 Mind Field Season 3 Episode 6 - How to Talk to Aliens

SpaceSpeak appears on episode 6 season 3 of YouTube Premium's Mind Field! Our segment, which appears near the end, was filmed in early Fall 2018 at the same location as Capt Kirk's battle with the Gorn in the original Star Trek series. Here's a short clip. See the full episode on YouTube Premium.

2019 Mind Field Season 3 Episode 6 - How to Talk to Aliens on YouTube Premium

for those who'd like to see how far his message has travelled, here's a link to Michael's message from the episode.