Creating and sending a message

Speak up and let the Universe know you exist!

With SpaceSpeak, you may compose a personal message and beam it into space where it will travel amoung the stars for countless ages.

  • Send a love poem
  • Give thanks to the Universe
  • Talk to God
  • Tell your departed mother all about your new boyfriend
  • Pray for someone in need
  • Reach out to alien lifeforms wherever they might be

How To Send A Message

  1. Click on the "Send" link at the top of any page on
  2. Type in your message to send to the world. Your free message is limited to 2000 characters. You're also able to send small images and audio clips.
  3. Press the "Launch" button to send your message to the launch pad.
  4. Finally, you will be redirected to the new message's status page. You can return to this page as often as you like to see how far your message has travelled and other interesting space facts
  5. Your message will now be queued to be beamed into space. Once launched, your message page will show its launch date. Congratulations! You've now left your mark on the Universe. Log back in later and go to the drop down menu under your name for easy access to all your messages. Be sure to check how far your words have traveled and of course - Share on one or more Social Media sites!