Visionary by Dylan Dykst Launched into Space on 6/29/2022

Audio Track:
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 01 - Starfish Prime (Prelude)
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 02 - Starfish Prime
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 03 - Paroxysm of Atoms
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 04 - Spacebound Epidemic
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 05 - A Hero's Sanctuary
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 06 - Xenophobia
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 07 - Starfish Prime (Reprise)
           Visionary - Cybergenerated - 08 - Desolatus Spatium
           Visionary - cybergenerated - 09 - split_Arrival-St
           Visionary - cybergenerated - 10 - split_Annihilation-St
           Visionary - cybergenerated - 11 - split_Rebirth-St
Starfish Prime (Prelude) & Starfish Prime: Instrumental
Paroxysm of Atoms:
    Paroxysm of Atoms image
Cold War burns hot,
Through the globe,
Leave your bombs,
And steal lives,
Insignificance is priority,
Among feeble minds.
Carve history in flame,
To the barren crust,
Hate Prevailed,
And anger consumed.
Corrupt power stays safe
In their man-made lies,
The lives of your lesser,
Are left to suffer the consequences,
Nature stops being the threat,
And man turns upon itself,
Teeth and claws,
Rip the flesh,
From the ones,
So similar.
Seals of the apocalypse,
Opened by imaginary lines.
Cannons brought between men,
Countries burn disputed dirt,
Toxic ash rains upon,
The very Earth,
They fought to control.
Nuclear warfare,
Burns the innocent,
Paroxysm of atoms, 
Fire falls on the land,
Rich ones escape,
The leaders of man,
Those who take flight,
And leave this rock,
Survive for now,
to save their flock,
Nuclear warfare,
Burns the innocent,
Paroxysm of atoms.
Space bound Epidemic:
            Space Bound Epidemic image
Launch! (4x)
Manned Spaceflight
To the outer Cosmos,
Our Time here is done,
Flee the missile fallout,
Some were left behind on Earth to die alone,
Perpetual winter is their life now.
The disease,
Begins to spread,
The hungry 
Must be fed,
To fill their needs.
Heat of Io,
Geothermic energy,
Has been drained,
Find a planet with life,
To fill our resources,
Take all 
Kill all, 
No need for native fauna,
We must go deeper, excavate it!
Pestilence will consume us,
Galaxies will fall before us (2x)
Spacebound Epidemic (4x)
Pestilence will consume us,
Galaxies will fall before us. (2x)
A Hero's Sanctuary: (Instrumental)
            Dylan playing guitar image
Has engulfed the world,
Now a tragic mistake,
Science is understood,
But empathy ignored,
Hide behind your skin,
As the soul chokes on greed.
Damn those with opposing views,
Who look to grace and mercy,
Given to the lambs,
Slain by trusted hands,
Crucify the answers,
And weaponize the questions.
Fear of skin and,
Wicked deeds,
Done in the search for power,
Destined for a greater purpose.
Free will is a sacred honor,
Given to those,
Whose only debt,
Is to each other.
Fuels humanity,
Moving failure forward,
From self-sufficience.
Sentient life arose,
With a guiding hand,
Supple opportunity,
For all of man,
What can you say,
That you have said first,
Weak and shallow languages,
Fail to detail,
Complex existences,
Flesh to evolve all together.
Man exists here,
For the reason,
Of sustaining love,
Build up for another,
Rather than tear at nature,
Come out,
From your hell, 
And sow this message,
Which is found.
Do the locks of hatred,
Fill your chest,
With molten lead?
The key of understanding,
Is well within the grasp, 
Of anyone,
That listens,
To the cries of help.
Fear of skin and,
Wicked deeds,
Done in the search for power,
Destined for a greater purpose.
Free will is a sacred honor,
Given to those,
Whose only debt,
Is to each other.
Eats humanity,
Consume the world,
Starfish Prime (Reprise): (Instrumental) 
            Desolatus Spatium image
Desolatus Spatium:
Drifting through the void,
A rip in time and space,
Through a higher plane of dimension we travel, 
To another place,
Annihilate our failure
And purify,
It is here we begin,
Our journey.
Reality bends,
As light strips away,
Through crushing gravity,
A singularity,
Approaching horizons,
As our dimensions fade,
Existing here,
There is a darkness, 
Not understood,
By your kind,
It's empty,
From matter,
Start Here.Our home is epsilon bootis which is a double star.
We live on the 6th planet of 7. 
Counting outward from the which is larger of the two. 
Our 6th Planet has one moon. 
Our fourth planet has three. 
Our First and third planets each have one. 
Our probe is in the orbit of your moon. This updates the position of arcturus shown on our maps."
Humans travel,
Using light differentials,
We cross space,
By our own means,
Manufactured singularities,
Allow for our control over gravity,  
Using the folds of space-time, 
We arrive,
Where the humans,
Have settled. 
Cybergenerated (I. Arrival, II Annihilation, III. Rebirth):
            Arrival, Annihilation, Rebirth
I. Arrival:
Here arrive the ancients,
From whom our genes were cut,
Mankind forged in their corporeal form.
We descend,
Waves berate the ground,
Scattered pieces shall be found,
The black knight sky, 
A beacon to a crimson morning.
Ships arriving, 
Colony to colony, 
The disease has spread, 
An infected galaxy,
Where all sins,
Have become clear.
Time suspended in pulsing pools of probability, 
Waveforms collapse with reflexive inertia,
Fleets set sail on evanescent waves,
Spinning through the quantum foam,
Sympathetic vibrations resonate fermion form,
Substrate loops unravel conscious current.
Dyadic black holes,
Locked in a doomed dance, 
Photon spheres,
Relinquish entangled baryons,
Antipodes allocated,
To each binary brother,
Held beyond their will
As an equivalence paradox.
Deconstructive interference,
Of a horizon vortex,
Inverse phase projection used to expose,
Negative neutrons in naked singularity,
Into the Maw of dark expanse,
Minds separate from bodies,
And woven through ethereal fields.
Spirits untainted,
Bodies augmented,
We have become,
Our biology,
Fused with technology,
Enhanced symbiotically,
We are Cybergenerated.
Lucifer’s surface scourged by leveling winds,
Those of our dominion, Burned on Icarian wings,
Rotation Negated,
A sun's traitorous neutrium,
Arctic cenotaphs of desire,
Trapped beside hell’s burning pyre.
Myopic Martians,
Mine the core of Eden cold,
An oxidized atmosphere,
Extinguished by solar wind,
Industrialized gifts unearned,
Saviors cradling defiled creation,
Monuments of prediluvian armageddon,
Stone foundations are all that remain,
Sacred symbols left in ruins and superstition,
Monolithic chronicles from past predecessors.
Polar strikes of compressive flux,
Directly to the dynamo,
Set forth,
Geomagnetic reversal,
Bathing the Earth,
In coronal fire.
Our biology,
Fused with technology,
Enhanced symbiotically,
Telepathic Communication,
Mechanical cognition,
Cured of mortal affliction,
We are Cybergenerated.
II. Annihilation:
Everything you are
Will be erased,
Expunging evidence,
Of your existence,
Trillions of lives,
Whisked away,
By the vacuum of space, 
As their remnant domain is destroyed, 
Disillusioned spawn.
Temples succumb
To cacophonous screams,
Eradicating all resistance,
Star quakes eclipse the sky, With blinding radiance
Cancerous webs,
On corpses
Of populous planets, 
A stain in stasis,
On black planes
Of absence.
Eviscerate our descendants,
Oblivious to oblivion;
[No Escape]
This infection must perish,
Subscribed to ideology;
[A futile struggle]
To transcend the echoes of savages,
On the wrong side of history;
[And atoms feed the stars]    
Communication is critical,
To the soul of cosmic mind.
Morphogenic fields of fractalization,
Vying for the focus of our attention,
Opinions forged,
From entropic compression,
Lead our hearts away,
From spiritual intention.
Subject to our punishment, 
Our souls lament,
As we die, 
Frozen blood,
Cast in dark satin.
We are clever apes,
 But far from wise,
[Prisons of hypocrisy]
Nothing but the dust,
 We stand on,
[Condemned by our ignorance]
Morality not revealed,
 By the mouths,
 Of modern pharisees,
[Shackled by our arrogance]
But through connections with divinity. 
[Profound wisdom lost through interpretation]
Setting suns to Supernova,
Slaughter our corrupted kin, 
Redirecting rocky orbits,
Burn them all and start again.
Graphene ships,
Are paper boats,
Beneath our heels,
Unwilling to break their mortal chains,
Never free from fleshly sins.
Enticed by lust and greed and pride,
Seduced by sloth and gluttony, 
Hatred fueled by wrath and envy.
III. Rebirth:
Turn your face to the skies, 
From these ashes will rise, 
A new hope for mankind, 
Will they succeed this time?
History is an hour glass of truth, 
Fastened to its time and steadfast to bury any preconditions in its sands,
Alone in our unique cosmic connection to self-organized systems, 
The memories of underlying mycelia beckoned a greater interface,
We integrated our biological blueprints into planets' ecosystem networks by shaping the biota to that of our oldest known origin,
Creation in its image, 
And humans in our own
With Humanity stripped from the galaxy,
A new beginning has been granted to those deemed worthy by the values and talents they possess. 
These are the chosen that will be the next rebirth of humanity. 
The fourth attempt to cultivate the seed of sentience fell to the desires of resource control. 
A fresh array of variables in place, the ancients continue their task, and set forth a new test measuring their failures in time. 
Restored like a phoenix from the flame, humanity is tasked with carrying the torch they have been given by their creators.
Dylan Dykstra
            End image